Why You?

When researching a franchise opportunity, you are naturally asking yourself:

  • Is this the right opportunity for me?
  • Can I have fun and enjoy myself?
  • Will I be successful?
  • Is this my passion?

Do you want to build a more scalable business?

You can hire salespeople and facilitators to assist you in growing a larger business if that suits your professional and personal goals. Franchise owner backgrounds come from all walks of life, including executives, marketing managers, engineers, customer service specialists, accountants, attorneys, teachers, sales managers, military and entrepreneurs.

The ideal franchisee candidate is passionate about helping others. They feel rewarded by transforming managers into leaders and building strong teams. Many choose Crestcom because of the low overhead, giving them an opportunity to work from home and have no employees. Our business consultant franchisees may be attracted to the opportunity to run a lifestyle business and the ability to control their time.  With Crestcom, you can buy into a business where you make all of the calls.

“The most wonderful part of Crestcom is being able to run your own business and set your own future. You have the freedom to determine when and how much you want to do, and you have people around to help you. You’re part of a bigger company and yet completely independent.”
Crestcom Franchisee

Crestcom International

“The greatest thing about working in this business is freedom –the freedom to decide every day exactly what you want to do with your life. If you’re not happy with the amount of money you’re making, you have the freedom to do something about it.”
Longtime Crestcom franchisee (20+ years)

Crestcom International

“I love going into a company, after I’ve trained their people, and listening to those participants tell the president of the company that one particular principle, or handful of ideas, is going to have a bigger impact on their company than any other thing they’ve ever done before.”
Crestcom Franchisee

Crestcom International