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Corporations spend over $130 Billion worldwide on training. There’s a huge market for business consultant training. Crestcom products provide you an unequaled opportunity to deliver the most comprehensive leadership, management, and sales courses directly to companies in your local market each year. You create relationships that generate clear and measurable results. The partnerships you form with corporate teams build the potential for recurring revenue for you and increased profitability for the companies invested in your training. Our business consultant training courses are second-to-none, so your franchise can thrive by aiding other businesses in their individual pursuits.

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Achieving growth together3-Way Partnership

Instruction Crestcom live facilitation Increased leadership capabilities Core competencies and need-based answers
Application Participants coach others Participants & Supervisor One-on-One Implemented monthly plans and shared results
Accountability Executive Involvement Monthly SMART Meetings Monitored actions and measurable results


Product Success

Crestcom specializes in improving leadership and management skills and in training sales teams how to generate higher return on investment. The flagship Bullet Proof® Manager training program and the Crestcom Sales Academy® change the way people lead and accelerate sales and growth.

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Training Facilitation

Live facilitation is easy with scripted facilitation guides and multimedia support. The confidence needed to facilitate comes quickly through learning our step-by-step methods and program-based tools for training. Crestcom provides you with content demonstrations and access to monthly facilitation and support webinars to help you prepare. No one is an expert, and no one needs to be. Participants discuss ideas directly during session activities, making the role of facilitators easy. Facilitation training is an ongoing process for new and experienced franchisees. Crestcom franchisees have the advantage of more than 27 years of collective experience and global insights that help us identify and address needs. Learning is a process, not a one-time event. Over consecutive sessions, participants engage in interactive learning exercises and determine specific ways to apply the learning.

“Individuals have displayed stronger leadership”

…Not only have I seen direct improvements in individuals’ performances due to your training, but many of these same individuals have displayed stronger leadership which has permeated our organization as a whole.”

Jason Bodford, President, EPES Carriers

“Unique, Effective, and Beneficial”

We found the program unique, effective and beneficial. The topics were not only relevant but critical in the development of management competencies of various levels of our organization.

Kenya Airways

” A program that can be used for years”

“This concept saves thousands and thousands of T&D funds. By Crestcom giving you the materials, methods, and teaching techniques, it becomes a program that can be used for years. That is the kind of bang I want for my buck.”

Sheraton Hotels