Crestcom Sales Academy

Accelerate the sales activity and the financial results of any sales team with Crestcom’s professional sales course. This training course boosts a business consulting franchise campaign. The applied training transforms sales performance with six highly interactive sessions, once per week for six consecutive weeks. Crestcom Sales Academy extends the reach of franchisees around the world to provide a bigger pool of products to regional customers, especially to customers who have already experienced measured leadership growth from Crestcom’s Bullet Proof® Manager training.

10 Core Competencies

Priority Focused and Goal Driven
Make Good Impressions
Identify, Qualify and Get in Front of Good Prospects
Make Impactful Presentations
Skillfully Overcome Concerns
Close Sales
Maintain Quality Client Relationships
Get Good Referrals
Follow Up with Clients

The Professional Sales Trainer

Your expertise may or may not come from past sales experiences. All new Crestcom franchisees benefit from a time-tested selling system and may quickly develop effective sales experiences that will add greatly to the competencies expected of any sales trainer. The extraordinary curriculum used in Crestcom Sales Academy also offers franchisees a set of audio and visual tools to aid facilitators through the process.